Report flooding of a property

In the event of a flood event, of whatever type, the most important information needed to access recovery funding is the number of households affected. This is often hard for the multiple agencies involved in a flood response to access and probably the biggest single thing that you as a community can make a difference to. Being able to provide a list of the numbers of households will release more money for your community.

These numbers need to be submitted within 48 hours to be able to claim the money and for many communities the number of households reporting floods in the early stages are a fraction of the reality of the situation and moving forward, communicating that carrying on and sorting things out yourself is admirable, but could be a bar to a fuller recovery for the whole community.

FORT is an online flood report tool that the public can access Report flooding of a property – Flood Risk Management ( and people can report their affected property and even upload photos which will help with the response phase and may activate a greater level of response and the recovery phase, with the release of money.