Petition to Devon County Council

Residents of Meadow Close and Lyn Grove, Kingskerswell petitioned the Parish Council to call on Devon County Council to carry out urgent resurfacing of its pavements and highways.

The Chair – Cllr John Radford and the Clerk attended Devon County Council Chambers to present the petition and have received the following response:

‘Thank you for the submission of your petition regarding the condition of Lyn Grove and Meadow Close, Kingskerswell.
As a result of your petition, the local Highway Engineer has visited the site and walked around the estate to assess its condition.  The carriageway was found to be quite typical to many other estate roads within the division, with some relatively minor areas of deterioration.  However it is agreed that the footway condition is poor, with several areas worn out and age expired.  The surface also undulates in many places, which could make it awkward for the elderly or those using mobility scooters or wheelchairs.
In terms of improvement works, we do unfortunately always have to prioritise the funding available and invariably the higher category, busier parts of our network take priority.  We are however going to promote a footway resurfacing scheme, for consideration in a future year’s maintenance programme – most likely the 2024/25 annual plan.  This will be assessed and prioritised against other similar competing  work within the area and is therefore subject to funding being available.
In the interim period, the carriageway and footways on the estate will continue to be formally inspected in accordance with Devon County Council policy and any actionable defects recorded and repaired by our contractor.